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Ready in Red. The Iconic London quality wedding dress Designer.  

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Ready in Red. Our iconic quality wedding dress designer in London, married in her favourite colour on the most romantic day of the year.

Our Quality Designer.

From a young age our star, our lady of honour, our beautiful designer, Marina, loved everything about Hollywood glamour. I mean what young girl doesn’t, she definitely loved it more than I did. She enjoyed her evenings watching old movies with her mother, her favourite being gone with the wind. She loved this iconic movie so much, which this year hits its 60th anniversary, she almost named her daughter Scarlett after one of the main characters. That name is nearly as pretty as the dresses she designs. Most girls dream of their wedding dresses from a young age, and for Marina, it was no different, she even still has a picture of a stunning dress that she wanted. However, she got married in red, which was not like her dreams but matched not only her favourite colour but also the date she got married on, the happy February 14th holiday.

What’s the point in designing dresses if you’re not going to make yourself one? One that you could fall in love with over and over again. The beguiling dress she designed for her cousin was that dress. She loved it so much she remade it for herself as an evening dress. A sleek chiffon enchanting ensemble, I’ve not seen the dress but her description made my heart melt. The look in her eyes and the feeling in my heart and I was in love.

wedding dress London

Her picture-perfect happiness.

Marina loves everything about her job. I would too if I had the skills and know-how to produce something so precious. From design to cutting to full production. There’s nothing that stops this woman and her fantastic team who support her every decision. Her favourite thing to do is making a Couture dress from scratch. A drawing comes to life, a bride will explain what she wants. Marina and her team will draw it, take on the brides changes. Not only will she produce a jaw-dropping dress, but a dress that will change a woman for the rest of her life.

The Paul Zeni label uses a ton of different fabrics and materials, yet when it comes down to it no one cares. The fabric is just a part of the dress but as a whole, we all just love a dress close to perfection from design to lace to the intricate detail. Not only does she offer these irresistible dresses but even tips on storing and a dry-cleaner who will store it beautifully in a box. Not only does she give tips, advice and her all to women she also donates her masterpieces. When styles change, her sample dresses are swapped out, donated and still beautifully presented.

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5 Things women think about.

Upon asking Marina question she gave me a list of 5 things most women think about when choosing their dream dress. No-one follows fashion like they think they will. It’s all about how they feel and when finally in the right dress, they are overcome with emotion.

Starting with colour, when entering a dress shop most women think they want the perfectly white dress, this is not the condition when buying. They find the dress in ivory and fall in love then and there. Marina will even give them the comparison between the ivory and white, knowing full well they’ll be picking the ivory. Next is the shape, most women come to Marina telling them the shape they know they want. But once again a very few end up with the shape they planned to have. Number three is all down to the destination. Women think they need to base the dress off of the destination. Whether it’s outside or aboard dresses are not as heavy as they seem. The dresses you end up picking has nothing to do with the destination or location. But how beautiful they feel in the dress. The second to last is the train, do you have one? do you not? Is it detachable? Lastly is placement which ties in with the train, it allows a designer to make the small changes like a strap, the length of a train, and the heaviness of the dress overall.

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If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog and have any more questions about a London quality wedding dress designer you can contact Paul Zeni directly.  Find us on Instagram or contact one of our stockists.

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